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Save as Draft - Cavanaugh Lee "Save as Draft?" No, I'd be more inclined to hit the DELETE key. I kept hoping it would get better, but it just had such unlikeable characters. The common thread was that they created draft email messages (that were never sent) either holding other people accountable for their foibles or admitting how they really felt about something.

However, they all acted poorly and were guilty of the same things themselves that they condemned others for. None of them tell each other how they really feel and frequently lie to or evade family and friends. I kept hoping someone would actually speak their mind rather than wimping out.

Izzy is blivious that Peter wants to be more than just friends, so she starts an on-line relationship with Marty. She then dumps him after a single date to have a relationship with Peter, then refuses to respond to any more of Marty's emails. She also drops him from her friends status on Facebook, so she doesn't have to deal with him anymore. So it's okay for her to just ignore him so he'll go away. But she thinks Marty is reprehensible and a 1st class SOB when he stops responding to her friend Anna after they've had several dates (and slept together). Of course she says this in a draft email but doesn't follow through on actually telling him.

She works in the litigation department at the same law firm Peter does, but while he's putting in 15 hour days, she's getting off at 5:00 everyday. Not sure what kind of litigation she's involved with as a lowly attorney in a high power firm that lets her avoid putting in any additional hours at work or at home (the only reference to her doing anything at work I can remember is sneaking sex with Peter). She gets more and more p*ssed off at Peter, so her solution is to buy $1k worth of Victoria's Secret clothes she hates but she'll wear for his benefit if he's ever home in time for her to entice him. Not sure of the logic, but at one point greeting him naked didn't have the desired effect so she could have saved the money.

Marty starts out as the most likeable/sympathetic character. He tries to start a relationship with Izzy but she ditches him when she picks Peter instead. He starts to get creepy when he continues to email and then call her long after she has stopped responding, because he's still convinced she's THE ONE. Once Izzy's relationship hits the skids with Peter she starts interacting with him again. She thinks they're just being friends but he's setting his sights on marrying her. Eventually he goes way off the deep end, but she won't confront him, despite her friends begging her to.

Peter calls Izzy an overachiever because she's taking the California bar exam, but he has a PhD in Biology from Harvard and then went to law school. Isn't that a bit of overachieving? It takes him 2 years but he finally gets Izzy, then gets stuck with the boss from hell. The author is an attorney so she does a good job of detailing the expectations Rose dumps on Peter at a moment's notice, only to change her mind after he's pulled an all-nighter.

Peter won't stand up to Rose so his life gets sucked away and his relationship blows apart. He works late, won't talk to or have sex with Izzy, and avoids his parents, but yet he makes the time to have email conversations with an ex-girlfriend (who posts a message on Facebook which tips off Izzy). He secretly looks for a high school teaching job rather than standing up for himself at work. How many high schools are looking for a PhD Biology teacher? What about a different job in the legal profession? Whatever Izzy is doing would certainly be less stressful. He talks about how important his job is, and keeps begging Izzy to bear with him, but in the end he chooses the job over his relationship.

By the end I didn't really care about what happened to any of them, although I will give the author credit for not creating a simple pat solution. She is writing a sequel so there is a possibility that Izzy and Peter can get it together. Izzy might want to contemplate a restraining order against Marty though...