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Watch Your Mouth - Daniel Handler Okay, an operatic Jewish incest comedy (?) with a golem. Not your average story. Let's just say that "Daddy's Girl" and "Mama's Boy" have a little different connotation here. Joseph and Cynthia have been having mind-blowing sex at college, then he comes home with her so they can work together at the same camp over the summer.

Then things get strange when she says she wishes she'd had a better sex education from an older man so she could be a better lover for Joseph. It doesn't take him long to figure out that she means Dear Old Dad, and since his bedroom is right above hers, he gets the full play-by-play when the education begins. Evidently her favorite childhood book was "Hop on Pop" because she does so frequently.

The sex between Joseph and Cyn is pretty explicit; the daddy-daughter encounters are confined to bed springs creaking, headboards rattling, and assorted moans, groans, and sighs. Later she starts sharing with her brother Stephen as well, who in turn starts giving Mom attention. The brother-sister sex is slightly more risque than the father- daughter, while the mother-son is only implied. Cynthia is apparently a sexual dynamo because some days she works all 3 guys into her dance card. Seems like chaffing would become an issue...

Despite knowing his girlfriend is sleeping with 2 of her family members, Joe sticks around. Personally, if you know your girlfriend is having sex with her dad and brother, and you still want to keep sleeping with her, you're a better man than I, Gunga Din.

Naturally, things can't stay like this forever, which is where your friendly neighborhood 10 foot tall golem comes in, but I can't really say anything else without spoiling the story.