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Party - Tom Leveen ***** Spoiler Alert *****

Basically this book took every teen caricature (wierd girl, man-whore, jock, drunk angst queen party girl, foreign student, skater boy, etc.) and threw them together into an end-of-the-year party. It would have been better if the characters or some of the scenarios had been more believable.

Beckett is the first character introduced and is probably the most likeable. She took care of her mother who eventually died from cancer. Mom wanted to keep it a secret so Beckett had to totally withdrew from all her friends to take care of her without telling them why. Now she's broke and thinking about dropping out of school to work. That I could almost buy.

What doesn't make sense is the author stating that mom had breast cancer that lead to a liver transplant. First, there is no way that they will give a liver transplant to a patient with metastatic cancer. The cancer has already gone from her breast to her liver once so giving her a new liver isn't going to prevent it from happening again. Second, they're supposedly poor and no program is going to do a $250,000 procedure without heavy duty insurance or cash donations to cover the cost. Finally, there is no way to reasonably hide the fact that you've had a liver transplant. You're hospitalized for weeks then on immuno-suppression yet no one is supposed to know mom is sick? That illogic was almost enough for me to stop reading this, but I decide to keep going.

Morrigan is pissed at her parents since dad ignores her and mom kowtows to what ever dad says. She breaks up with her boyfriend because he won't have sex with her. She sneaks out to go to the party, gets hammered and damages multiple relationships. The most unlikeable of all the characters.

Ashley is the saintly friend trying to keep Morrigan out of trouble (she used to be best friends with Beckett but got dropped when Beckett went into stealth mode). She also has an older brother who is a local cop who becomes a convenient bit player.

The list goes on. Ryan is a total man-whore but is a good buddy of Josh, the guy that wouldn't have sex with Morrigan for religious reasons. The skater dude has admired Beckett from afar for 3 years but has never developed the cajones to speak to her. The jock is a time bomb because his older brother is a wounded veteran. The foreign student is abused for being a "towelhead," and so on.

Much drinking, brawling, sexing, puking, car wrecking, etc. ensues, but by the end of the evening they've all sung "Kumbaya" and every conflict is magically resolved. Beckett is best buddies with Ashley again and has a date scheduled with skater dude, Morrigan and her parents are working on being civil to each other and she's done a 180 on Josh, Ashley's brother (the cop) doesn't give Josh a ticket because he agrees Morrigan is a total bitch, the foreign student lies to the police to keep the jock from being arrested, etc.