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Here I Go Again - Jen Lancaster Don't like her fiction quite as much as her autobiographical works but they're still better than most.

In the 1st few chapters you can tell that Lissy needs a bitch-slap from reality. She's 37, divorced, broke, and living with her parents. But when she gets the info on her high school's 20 year reunion, she mentally trashes all the classmates that have done better than her while simultaneously planning to use them to re-establish her PR career. However, at the reunion she discovers just how despised she really is.

The plot of getting a chance to relive those days and make changes isn't new but Lissy's experience is still amusing. Partially because she's torn between having to be nicer to people and trying to figure out a way to create Facebook or buy Cisco stock so she'll make a financial killing when she returns to her 37 year old self.

There are a lot of speedbumps along the way and even at the very end karma shows up to bite her in the butt.